OBO Bettermann – Underfloor systems

Estrichüberdecktes Kanalsystem Screed-covered duct systems are suitable for all kinds of screed structures: cement screed, poured asphalt and floating screed. The ducts are available in the heights 28, 38 and 48 mm, and in widths of 190, 250 and 350 mm. The product section of the catalogue contains more information about useful cross-sections. The ducts are made of galvanised sheet steel with a 275 g/m² zinc coating. Ducts are divided into 2 or 3 courses by means of separating retainers made of sheet steel. The minimum screed cover for cement screed is 35 mm. Underfloor duct systems can be used in anything from office and administration buildings, to commercial exhibition areas, to residential construction.

How this online tool helps you with your project

Auswahlhilfe This online tool helps you select suitable underfloor systems for your particular project. Regardless of whether you already know OBO systems or need suggestions about the underfloor systems that suit your project, it will enable you to draw up, edit and export your personal parts lists quickly, easily and accurately.